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2020-12-19 02:21
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My name is Danni, I enjoy fandom and like to avoid walks on the beach.

so who am I? )

NSFW content and personal posts will be locked and spoilers will be posted beneath a cut

All other fandom posts will be public, though I don't know if there's going to be anything but ramblings about different shows storylines and random spur of the moment posts. 

as for shipping, I think that what draws someone to a certain dynamic or couple can be very individual and that I don't really have any right to judge, weather it be a dark, fluff or crack ship, even if I might not see why you would ship something, it is your business, not mine. And who knows? maybe you'll win me over ^^

fandom-wise I am mostly into podcasts, podfics and what the newest season of anime will bring. You can count on me dragging up old fandoms, both live action and anime, as I never really leave a fandom, just collect more of them. Below is a list of what I'm currently watching and you can check the interests in my profile for my older fandoms.

current watch list )

Have a look around and I hope you enjoy your stay!
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I was at [personal profile] arcadianmaggie and saw a top 10 all-time fav fics post and thought, "hey, I should do that for my all time fav podfics!"

so I started writing down the ones that came to mind, and then decided that it was too difficult to stick to only 10, so I thought maybe I could split it to one G-T and one M-E list? 

but how? there are too many good podfics I want to mention, and these are only my favorites, not a list of all the other great podfics I've listened to in my life. It also won't be a "full" list as I've restricted it to podfics I could find active links to, as I want people to give them a chance or rediscover an old favorite.

so uh, look forward to that? expect something like a top 40 with a bunch of honorable mentions? I'lll be happy to keep it under 100 ;_; 
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I watched the first ep of the dub for Megalo Box and I think they did a really good job all around, I had nothing to complain about and I will be looking forward to seeing this show again in English, I do have a thought, a "what if?" if you may.
Now I do love Kaiji Tangs, interpretation of Joe, and will not say anything bad about it. But what if they'd gone with a va with a latin accent?

Hear me out:
mostly spoilers of ep1 and Yuris story arc up to around ep 10 )
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I was just reading the welcome from tumblr post made by the staff and while looking through the comments in search of some new coms to follow I saw a username and a userpic I haven't seen since my lj days

we were never friends but we had hung around the same coms and it was like a punch in the gut 'I know you, you're alive, youre here, you stayed in fandom' and I don't know if its most strange of comforting to have deja-vu in an internet comunitiy.

also I need to find an icon that I like and never change it ever. my plans for changing username might also be in the trash now (I did not plan to have it for more than a week or two and it is so long) so that people will recognize me down the road. maybe this is who i am now, irritatingly long username and all.
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setting my mind to being here on a more active basis I am going through my old stash of lj and dw icons out of a sudden urgent need to be able to express myself through small pictures again.

I really hope icon making picks up again bc I have been in a lot of fandoms since 2014 and though I've tried, I'm just not that good at making icons :(

I also have to get used to writing my posts in my actual posts and not in the tags , the number of tags is finite self, and you need to treasure them (omg I'll be able to finds stuff again!)
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Not really, but since tumblrs latest announcement (which are giving me such flashbacks to lj non-communication of its userbase) Ive been thinking more and more about what would happen if I had to move to move on to another platform and the more I thought about it the more I realized that I wanted to write.

I haven't wanted to write in months

Perhaps its because I grew up with this format and have become irrevocably used to it, or perhaps it is because the fast pace on my dash made it feel as if none of my posts had any longevity to speak of.

With tumblr it always felt as if I was screaming into the void and when I got replies, if I didn't answer within the hour, it felt as if the time to do so had passed, Lj and DW conversations could last for weeks. Then again the tempo in fandom is much different now.

Either way, I haven't wanted to write anything about myself, my life or my thoughts in this way since I turned tumblr into my main platform. I didn't realize I actually missed it.

Even if DW isn't the place l move to, it seems very empty, then again it might be because I'm crap at fining them, I think I'll see where this goes.
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It is March and that means [community profile] podfic_bingo!

Record in a New Location
Random Fic<10 Minutes LongUse a Speed EffectFairy Tale
Altered StatesWild CardNo EditingSingNaked
RestrainedFluffWILD CARDPromptRead Animatedly
Fail (at) SexGossipRead SexyDirty TalkBreathplay
Consent FormsTrans CharacterRead Slowly (for you)Incorporate MusicStimulation

This is a little more on the nsfw side than my [community profile] trope_bingo square but I can definitely see my self managing a row or two here. As for the rest we'll see, I can't remember ever reading a fic with a consent form for example.

I will also have to see what I'll do about the more nsfw stuff as I can't record most things like that, but I've worked around it before so we'll see if/how I'll push my boundaries on that one. And if all else fails I can always ask someone else if they'd be willing to record the sex scenes for me or perhaps do a collab.

Something that was kinda fun was that when I first read the mail I was newly awake and when I came to the square 'Naked' I just thought 'wait, should I be naked when I record or are the characters supposed to be naked? If Im naked how would that even alter the recording??? My mind was not connecting things at. all.

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First up is a participation to [community profile] trope_bingo , my goal is, of course, to get bingo! prompt list










I'm a bit nervous as I've never finished a square in my life but I'll try my hardest this time!

it also took me 0.5 sec after I'd received my card to remember that I'm sex repulsed and can't record anything thats too intense and that I could have opted out of that sort of thing buy hey, it happens.
This square is giving me plenty to work with and should I need the 'spanking' or 'sex pollen' squares (I already have some Ideas for the 'fairytale' square on the top row) I'm 100% sure there's some low rated or fade to black fics out there I could use. 
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