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Name:Saffronbun / Danni
My name is Danni, enjoy fandom and like to avoid walks on the beach.
I am 31 years old, aroace and have been in fandom for too long and at the same time not nearly long enough.

NSFW content and personal posts will be locked and spoilers will be posted beneath a cut

All other fandom posts will be public, though I don't know if there's going to be anything but ramblings about different shows storylines and random spur of the moment posts.

as for shipping, I think that what draws someone to a certain dynamic or couple can be very individual and that I don't really have any right to judge, weather it be a dark, fluff or crack ship, even if I might not see why you would ship something, it is your business, not mine. And who knows? maybe you'll win me over ^^

fandom-wise I am mostly into podcasts, podfics and what the newest season of anime will bring. You can count on me dragging up old fandoms, both live action and anime, as I never really leave a fandom, just collect more of them. Below is a list of what I'm currently watching and you can check the interests in my profile for my older fandoms.

Have a look around and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Right now I'm watching:

Zombieland Saga
Golden Kamuy
Run with the wind
Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san

And catching up on
Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara
Jojo Bizzare Adventures
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